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Amira Aissiou View profile

Research Assistant

Gokce Akcayir View profile

Postdoctoral Fellow

Leen Alzebdeh View profile

Undergraduate Student

David Arndt View profile

Research Assistant

Beverly Balaski View profile

Administrative Assistant -Rich Sutton

Office:Athabasca Hall 315

John Bartoszewski View profile

John Bartoszewski

Senior Systems Aministrator (SRIT)

Office:Athabasca Hall 200

Julienne Belardo View profile

MOOC Subject Matter Expert

Sharon Bell View profile

Sharon Bell

Administrative Assistant - Student Services

Office:Athabasca Hall 232

Karen Berg View profile

Karen Berg

Administrative Assistant

Patrick Binns View profile

MINT Instructor

Lynn Bohuch View profile

Administrative Assistant

Stephanie Brown View profile

Financial Assistant

Valerie Brown View profile

Admissions Assistant

Chase Buhler View profile

Undergraduate Student

Vanessa Burke View profile

Vanessa Burke

Web Designer

Office:Athabasca Hall 252F
Fax:+(780) 492-1071

Melanie Calvert View profile

Administrative Assistant

Office:Computing Science Centre 347
Fax:+(780) 492-1071

Wesley Calvert View profile

IBM Administrative Assistant

Deborah Choi View profile

Financial Assistant

Office:Athabasca Hall 241

Rosanna Chung View profile

Program Assistant

Kathleen Dean View profile

Executive Assistant to the Chair

Edison Dong View profile

Research Assistant

Xiaoqi Fu View profile

Research Assistant

Laura Gamble View profile

Administrative Supervisor

Sharon Gannon View profile

Sharon Gannon

Student Advisor - Undergraduate Program

Office:Athabasca Hall 231

Ethan Gaudet View profile

Web & Database Programmer

Noah Gergel View profile

Undergraduate Student

Shauna Grabinsky View profile

Shauna Grabinsky

System Analyst Specialist (IST)

Office:Athabasca Hall 217

Cody Hennig View profile

Undergraduate Student

Natalie Hervieux View profile

Undergraduate Student

Bret Hoehn View profile

Bret Hoehn

Programmer (AICML)

Office:Computing Science Centre

Samuel Hao Jaeger View profile

Undergraduate Student

Cameron Jen View profile

Undergraduate Student

Charles Jobagy View profile

Charles Jobagy

Senior Research Electronics Technologist (IST)

Office:Computing Science Centre 315

Rod Johnson View profile

Rod Johnson

SRIT Team Lead

Sunrose Ko View profile

Sunrose Ko

Manager, Department Administration and Finance

Office:Athabasca Hall 252A

Jamie Kulchitsky View profile

Financial Assistant (Wishart Lab)

Office:Athabasca Hall 404

Rob Lake View profile

Rob Lake


Office:Athabasca Hall 201

Jonathan Martin View profile

Research System Analyst (IST)

Office:Athabasca Hall 200

Melanie Marvin View profile

Amii - Administrative Assistant

Shahnawaz Mir View profile

Program Coordinator MINT

Office:Athabasca Hall 215
Office:Electrical & Computer Engineering Research Facility

Carolyn Morris View profile

Carolyn Morris

Systems Analyst Specialist (IST)

Office:Athabasca Hall 217
Office:Athabasca Hall 211

Britta Nielsen View profile

Britta Nielsen

IIP Coordinator

Office:Athabasca Hall 233

Jordan Patterson View profile

Programmer/ Research Assistant

Sabina Pietrosanu View profile

Administrative Assistant

Sankalp Prabhakar View profile

Sankalp Prabhakar

amii Software Engineer - downtown

Office:Athabasca Hall 143

Viktoriia Roik View profile

Amii - Finance & HR Coordinator

Rene Sauve-Hoover View profile

Undergraduate Student

Celina Sheng View profile

Undergraduate Student

Igor Sinelnikov View profile

Systems Analyst (SRIT)

Leslie Skinner View profile

Research Assistant

Jacob Skitsko View profile

Undergraduate Student

Carol Smith View profile

Carol Smith

FSO BPET Mgr, Faculty of Science

Marissa Snihur View profile

Undergraduate Student

Kerstyn Sorenson View profile

Graduate Program Administrator

Anaka Sparrow View profile

Undergraduate Student

Steve Sutphen View profile

Steve Sutphen

FSO Advanced Development Mgr

Office:Computing Science Centre 341

Talat Syed View profile

Software Engineer - Amii Downtown

Office:Athabasca Hall 106

Henry Tang View profile

Research Assistant

Yunpeng Tang View profile

MSc Student

David Turner View profile

David Turner

Software Developer

Marvin Wadsworth View profile

Client Support Analyst (SRIT)

Sinan Wang View profile

Administrative Assistant - UHJIC

Broderick Wood View profile

Broderick Wood

Senior Systems Analyst (SRIT)

Office:Athabasca Hall 205

Xiaoxuan (Cecilia) Xiang View profile

MOOC Subject Matter Expert

Debora Young View profile

Curriculum Developer

Yuxuan Zhao View profile

Yuxuan Zhao

Undergraduate Student

Jill Zheng View profile

Undergraduate Student

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