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Matthew Brown View profile

Adjunct Professor

Irene Cheng Cheng View profile

Irene Cheng Cheng

Multimedia Program Director / Adjunct Professor

Office:Computing Science Centre 261

Dana Cobzas View profile

Dana Cobzas

Adjunct Professor - Research Associate, Dept of Biomedical Engineering

Office:Computing Science Centre 353

Maria Cutumisu View profile

Adjunct Professor

Sanjay Kalra View profile

Adjunct Professor - Professor, Neurology, Dept of Medicine


Ron Kube View profile

Ron Kube

Research Associate / Adjunct Professor - Syncrude Canada

Patrick Pilarski View profile

Patrick Pilarski

Adjunct Professor - Assistant Professor, Phys Med Rehab, Dept of Medicine

Office:Athabasca Hall 417

Kumaradevan Punithakumar View profile

Adjunct Professor - Assistant Professor, Dept of Radiology & Diagnostic Imaging

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