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Matt Allan View profile

IST Application Support Analyst

John Bartoszewski View profile

John Bartoszewski

Senior Systems Aministrator (SRIT)

Office:Athabasca Hall 200

Ian Chan View profile

IST Service Desk (Helpdesk) Analyst

Shauna Grabinsky View profile

Shauna Grabinsky

System Analyst Specialist (IST)

Office:Athabasca Hall 217

Chris Lough View profile

Chris Lough

IST Deskside Support Analyst

Jonathan Martin View profile

Research System Analyst (IST)

Office:Athabasca Hall 200

Carolyn Morris View profile

Carolyn Morris

Systems Analyst Specialist (IST)

Office:Athabasca Hall 217
Office:Athabasca Hall 211

Johannes Pauw View profile

IST Service Desk (Helpdesk) Analyst

IST Repair and Deployment View profile

IST Repair and Deployment

Jeremy Roche View profile

IST Service Operations

Alex Schwarzer View profile

IST Workgroup Applications

Igor Sinelnikov View profile

Systems Analyst (SRIT)

IST System Administration 1 View profile

IST System Administration 1

Ronnie Thengumpally View profile

IST Team Lead - Application Support

Marvin Wadsworth View profile

Client Support Analyst (SRIT)

Broderick Wood View profile

Broderick Wood

Senior Systems Analyst (SRIT)

Office:Athabasca Hall 205

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